I offer a full repair and restoration service for most bowed and plucked stringed instruments.

For any repair please call for a price.  For larger restorations an estimate can be given following an inspection of the instrument.

All assessments and quotations are free and not binding.  I am always happy to offer discounts to students and develop a schedule of work consistent with your budget.

Here are some of the more common repair jobs that are undertaken.


V I O L I N ,  V I O L A ,  C E L L O ,  D O U B L E  B A S S ,

V I O L S  &  O T H E R  B O W E D  I N S T R U M E N T S :

- Replace bridge 

- Repair cracks 

- Fit new pegs 

- Replace soundpost 

- Glue edges 

- Tonal adjustment

- Setup and adjustment 

- Bow rehair and repairs




G U I T A R ,  M A N D O L I N ,  U K E L E L E ,  B A N J O

&  O T H E R  P L U C K E D  I N S T R U M E N T S :

- Replace saddle

- Replace nut

- Fit tuners

- Repair cracks

- level frets

- Setup and adjustment

- Neck reset


Violin crack repair
Violin crack repair with reinforcing cleats
1950s solid mahogany Martin oo guitar with frets ready for dressing